Jules / Juliana / Jana
16 year old
Amateur Artist (I have room to improve)
Non-Binary Lesbian Demisexual
(commissions open)


Some examples of art I do. I do both digital and traditional and occasional animatics

-I use Medibang Paint (both on mobile and windows) for digital art.
-Koi Watercolors, Micron Sakura Pens, and TouchNew markers for traditional art.
==All my art is reblogged on @artartissijam==

Digital Art

Traditional Art



Fandoms I am currently in (there's so much more, but I don't want this to be too long)

Sanders Sides

Sad Milk


Heathers the Musical


In The Heights

Steven Universe

The Owl House

Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeast

Glitch Techs

Umbrella Academy

Gravity Falls


My socials <3
-Twitter is me rambling about shit
-I am not that active on Instagram, but I still do post
-I make Youtube videos occasionally, might be more frequent in the future. Expect animatics and maybe some gameplay.
-I have two separate Tumblr accounts, one for reblogging my art and one is a fucking mess (follow the fucking mess ig, that's my mess)
-I have a RedBubble where I just basically sell goose. Might add more in the future

Commission sheet